Greeny LOL
TV Show Information
Genre Comedy
Starring LOL Guy, Dr. Beanson and others
Country of Origin Can't tell! lol
Channel The Greeny Channel
First Appearance 2011-2012
credit to Geosword2011  ???

Greeny LOL is a series created in 2011 and ended in 2012 for no reasons. It returned the same year, because the 2nd hard drive of the producer's Macbook cannot start up. The series returned, but with a new name for the series. The name was Greeny Labs, because TTSVids101 Productions considered a new name for the show. It reverted to "Greeny Labs". Then it then reverted back to "Greeny LOL". (credit to everybody who did this)


The producer had ideas when the staff watch "Greeny Phatom", "Geo's World", and others.

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